Lottery Sambad Today Result 01:00 pm

Good morning Sikkim State Lottery players, You are welcome on our website, we are very happy to inform you about Lottery Sambad Today Result lottery has been announced at 11:55 am. Sambad is a language term called Odia. It is located in India and is a daily newspaper. This newspaper comes from Odisha and is widely distributed across India. Apart from the newspaper, They also offer lotteries in India. The Lottery Sambad Today Result usually held three times a day.

Lottery Sambad Today Result 01:00pm


The Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 am result is announced daily. We regularly publish the latest results of Lottery Sambad.

Sikkim state lottery results are scheduled for the whole week. 

Days Lottery Name
Monday Dear Cherished Morning
Tuesday Dear Admire Morning
Wensday Dear Respect Morning
Thrusday Dear Love Morning
Friday Dear Valuable Morning
Saturday Dear Treasure Morning
Sunday Dear Precious Morning

Sikkim state Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM

A different lottery result is announced every morning. They are announced as the pre-decided pattern. the daily new lottery draw is announced. We are pleased to announce that the first result of Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 AM has been announced today. Today is another day for the dear Sikkim State Lottery. If you are here to check this morning’s live results, then you are at the right place. To see the live lottery result of the morning lottery.

Here are some details of the prize

The first winner earned 250, 0000 Indian rupees

The second winner gets 9000 Indian Rupees

The third prize winner is 500 Indian rupees.

Fourth place winners receive INR 250

The fifth-place winner receives 150 INR

*Remember: the Price of a lottery is six(6) Indian rupees. 

If you are the winner of the first prize, we congratulate you on this great victory. By winning the lottery you got just 25 lakh rupees as a prize.

Now it’s time to add the results of your tickets to the list. Congratulations to those who have had great success this morning and good luck to those hoping to win next time. Never give up hope

Download and verify the Lottery Sambad Today Result PDF file

Sikkim State Lotto PDF is now available for download. You can see the result in PDF format. Apart from the PNG image file, we also present lottery results in PDF format. For our mobile user visitors, we have added a PDF file format for your convenience. Now you can easily see the lottery sambad result.

Have you already checked your lottery ticket result? If you haven’t done it already, don’t delay. Start matching your numbers with the list of winning numbers. Here is the lottery sambad Today result 11:55 AM and was announced a few minutes ago.

Now you can check your numbers because the lottery has officially announced the lottery results. We first get the result from the government and upload it to our site very soon. So, if you have not marked or subscribed to our site yet, then it is probably you may miss the latest lottery results on time.

Don’t forget to come back to our website to get the latest daily lottery results.


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