Dhankesari Lottery sambad Result Today 1 00 PM, 6 00 PM and 8 00 PM

Dhankesari Lottery sambad night result 08:00 PM

धनकेसरी लॉटरी का परिणाम आज रात 08:00 बजे

Dhankesari Lottery Sambad night result 8 PM

The Schedule is followed respectively, In the 8:00 pm dhankesari sambad lottery result is presented, watch Dhankesari Lottery Sambad result online. If you have purchased the dhankesari lottery ticket and waiting for result you wait is over and result is in front of you. please share it with your friends. we try our best to update the dhankesari  sambad results as soon as possible. An other popular Nagaland lottery result is also presented. dhankesari sambad today result 8:00 pm draw result is here. the nagaland lottery results is uploaded as soon as possible. Dhankesari Lottery Sambad results can be downloaded here. Stay connected to see the daily results update dhankesari sambad results. Dhankesari Sambad lottery draw takes place daily three times dhankesari result today 1:00 pm, dhankesari result today 6:00 pm, and dhankesari lottery sambad 8:00 pm. you can check all lotteries today’s results on links given below. Please contact us if any of link is not working properly.

Nagaland lottery results Draws are done three times daily, nagaland lottery result  1:00 PM, nagaland lottery result today 6:00 PM, and nagaland state lottery 8:00 PM is also provided for you ease. No doubt, Dhankesari Lottery Sambad is most popular and famous all over India but Nagaland state is also a famous and popular lottery. we are providing daily dhankesari sambad & nagaland state lottery results, So stay connected with us to check daily lottery result. Those all who have bought Lottery Tickets for 8:00 pm draw today, are requested that stay connected with our Dearlotterysambad.in to check their dhankesari lottery Sambad Today 8:00 pm result online.

Dhankesari lottery sambad

Dhankesari lottery sambad demand is increasing day by day. many new people are buying this lottery and much more are impressed with the results of this lottery. the lucky draw of dhankesari lottery held three times a day the time table and schedule for dhankesari lottery today results is given below. You can find dhankesari lottery results by clicking the below links. These are also known as dhankesari lottery results today and West Bengal lottery results. Dhankesari lottery results 8:00 pm are presented here. 

Dhankesari lottery results 8:00 pm

Nagaland lottery result today

Nagaland lottery result 8:00 pm today. you can view and download Nagaland lottery result online. Here you can find authentic and reliable results of Nagaland state lottery today. Download Nagaland lottery today results in PDF online. Result Nagaland lottery daily result updated here on this site. It is managed by the Government of Nagaland. The leading person is The Director, Directorate of State Lotteries Finance, Revenue & Expenditure Department, Government of Nagaland Deorali 737102, Gangtok, Nagaland their contact number is Phone: 03592 280227 and Fax: 03592 280227. You can contact them in case of any claim or issue. DEAR MORNING WEEKLY LOTTERY and DEAR DAY WEEKLY LOTTERY are most popular for Nagaland state lottery.

Dhankesari lottery sambad result

08:00 PM Draw Schedule & lottery Names

Days Lottery Name
Monday Dear Cherished Morning
Tuesday Dear Admire Morning
Wensday Dear Respect Morning
Thrusday Dear Love Morning
Friday Dear Valuable Morning
Saturday Dear Treasure Morning
Sunday Dear Precious Morning


First Prize Detail

Days First Prize
Monday 25.30 Lakhs
Tuesday 25.31 Lakhs
Wednesday 25.25 Lakhs
Thursday 25.26 Lakhs
Friday 25.27 Lakhs
Saturday 25.28 Lakhs
Sunday 25.29 Lakhs


Draw Prize Complete Detail

Position Prize
1st Prize 25.30 L
Cons. Prize 1000
2nd Prize 9000
3rd Prize 500
4th Prize 250
5th Prize 120

Dhankesari Lottery Sambad night result 8 pm

You can check daily dhankesari lottery results here. download lottery night result 8 pm pdf file. stay connect with us to get daily lottery results. If you need any kind of more information related to the dhankesari sambad result 8.00 pm you can write to us by submitting contact us form. we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Moreover, if you have any objection to results or facing any issue regarding this website you cal also write to us, Your suggestion means a lot for us.

FAQ Lottery Sambad Result:

How do you play dhankesari lottery?

Every day in India, a dhanksari lottery sambad, Nagaland State lottery draws are held .you can buy these lottery tickets and join this lucky draw. All these states lottery draw results daily.

How to see if you have won the lottery carefully?

Either you have won the lottery or lose to check, you need to visit the official lotto result website. In the case of nagaland Lottery Sambad Result.

When are dhankesari lottery winners list is announced?

Once they are publicly announced, we are here to publish all the results. You can check our website from time to time for dhankesari lottery winners list.

What are the todays winning lottery numbers?

nagaland Sambad Lottery winning numbers have already been published. For today’s results, you can see today’s winning numbers at the top of the page.

The best winning lottery numbers?

You can buy lottery number and try your luck, all numbers have equal oppertunity to win the lottery.

How to learn to win lottery sambad?

No need to know about the lottery algorithms. It mostly depends on your luck. If you are lucky, buy a ticket and wait for the Lottery Sambad Results. If you want to know the basics of this lottery, you can visit our website and get all the necessary and detailed information mentioned above.

Where i can check the live Lottery Sambad Result?

There are two ways to check the lottery online, one on our website and the other on the official lottery site.

What is the Lottery Sambad Result of 11:55 am nagaland State Lottery?

We are trying to present the Lottery Sambad Result of the nagaland state lottery at 11:55 am regularly. You can see it soon on our site.

What is the Lottery Sambad Result of 6 pm nagaland State Lottery?

We are trying to present the Lottery Sambad Result of the nagaland state lottery at 6 pm regularly. You can see it soon on our site.

What is the Lottery Sambad Result of 8 pm nagaland State Lottery?

We are trying to present the Lottery Sambad Result of the nagaland state lottery at 8 pm regularly. You can see it soon on our site.

How to watch Nagaland Lottery live on YouTube?

One way to check live results is the Nagaland YouTube Lottery. You can also learn about lotteries on YouTube and find old products. Some people even predict Lottery Sambad Result on YouTube, even though they are 90% wrong.

What is the result of the Dhaneksari lottery?

This is also the Nagaland lottery, which is similar to sambad. The lottery also comes three times a day.

How can I check my Nagaland lottery ticket?

Daily Results of nagaland lottery 1:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 8:00pm are updated to our website. you can easily check daily lottery results here.

Is Nagaland lottery legal in India?

There is no retriction or Ban on this lottery by goverement , these are managed by authourity directors by state of Nagaland.