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Dear Lottery Sambad Result 01:00Pm, 06:00 Pm and 08:00 Pm

Dear लॉटरी सांभर आज का रिजल्ट

Lottery Sambad लॉटरी सांभर  is very popular all over India. Many people try their luck and win a bumper prize money which changes their life. Lottery Sambad 2020 may be very lucky for you, and this can be the easiest way to get rid of all your economic tensions and make your future more and more bright. Buy your lottery ticket and play with your luck today. There are many types of lotteries as per their schedule and prizes. This dear lottery sambad lucky drawn is done usually daily three times a day first at 11:55 am, second at 04:00 pm, and third at 08:00 pm. if you have purchased lottery sambad tickets, and waiting for the draw results, so stay connected with us to get the sambad lottery results. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get notification of new results updated. You can get HD quality result image, Fresh PDF files. Also, you can share a direct link to your social media networks. Download dear lottery sambad result in the mobile app from Google play store.

Dear lottery sambad result

You can check the Lottery Sambad result in लॉटरी सांबद परिणाम today. Click on the above button/ link to see the result of each lucky draw separately. Result lottery sambad will be presented in image HD quality, pdf, and compressed zip format. We also upload video results for the ease of our valuable visitors. Check daily Lottery Sambad Result 01:00Pm, 06:00 pm, and 08:00 pm.

As you know, dear lottery sambad lucky draw help three times is a day. So, we update each result as soon as it is published. You can check today’s sambad lottery result online on the links mentioned above.

Dear lottery sambad lucky drawn are held as per their schedule. They have to fix the standard pattern for each time. You can find all the lotteries list with lucky draw time below. We set a separate table for all 11:55 am, 04:00 pm, and 08:00 pm Schedule & lottery Names.

01:00PM Draw Schedule & Lottery Sambad Result Names

Days Lottery Name
Monday Dear Cherished Morning
Tuesday Dear Admire Morning
Wensday Dear Respect Morning
Thrusday Dear Love Morning
Friday Dear Valuable Morning
Saturday Dear Treasure Morning
Sunday Dear Precious Morning

06:00 PM Draw Schedule & lottery Names

Days Lottery Name
Monday Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak
Tuesday Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha
Wensday Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta
Thrusday Dear Bangashree Ichamati
Friday Dear Bangashree Damodar
Saturday Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
Sunday Dear Bangabhumi Ajay

08:00 PM Draw Schedule & lottery Names

Days Lottery Name
Monday Dear Eagle Evening
Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
Wensday Dear Flamingo Evening
Thrusday Dear Hawk Evening
Friday Dear Ostrich Evening
Saturday Dear Vulture Evening
Sunday Dear Falcon Evening

Dear Sambad Lottery Result today

Dear Sambad lottery is the most popular lottery among all Indian lotteries. You can get daily three times Dear sambad lottery draw results here. The resulting schedule is provided above for you.

Dear Sambad lottery is also famous in Kolkata and West Bengal. You can get a sambad lottery result chart.

Dear Lottery Sambad Result Types:

There are a lot of lottery sambad types. And you can find all sambad lottery results here as well. Here is a list of Dear lottery Sambad types and popular search tags.

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You can check the lottery sambad result here. All the lottery sambad results today have been uploaded on this page. Lottery sambad night and lottery sambad morning results are also available. You can also check the lottery sambad old results at any time. Dear lottery result updates as the live Lottery Sambad Result lucky draw are done. Please subscribe to our daily newsletter to get the lottery sambad news daily on time.

Dhankesari Lottery sambad

Dhankesari lottery sambad is very important for India’s poor people, who are living in hand to mouth situation. The Government of India took this step to fight against the poverty of the public. They collect, find, and make this lottery draw successful. People by these lotteries and wish they will be rich one day they are trying their luck.

The demand for the dhankesari lottery sambad is increasing day by day. Many new people are buying these lottery tickets, and much more are impressed with this lottery’s results. The lucky draw of dhankesari lottery sambad held three times a day the time table and schedule for dhankesari lottery today are given below. You can find the dhankesari lottery sambad result by clicking the below links. These are also known as Nagaland lottery results today and West Bengal lottery results.

Nagaland state lottery result today:

You can check the Nagaland lottery result daily on this website. Stay connected to get daily Nagaland state lottery results today update. To see the Nagaland state lottery results click on the given link.

West Bengal state lottery:

Check the west Bengal state today lottery results. You can find west Bengal state old and today results here. Download the latest west Bengal state lottery result today.

Details Dhankesari lottery results:

Dhankesari Lottery State West Bengal, Nagaland
Dhankesari Lottery 11:55 am Dear Tender Morning
Dhankesari Lottery Result 4 pm Dear Bangabhumi Ajay
Dhankesari Lottery Result 8 pm Dear Vulture Evening


Today Kerala lottery result.

Kerala lottery is the most famous lottery in India. The state of Kerala, India, owns the Kerala state lottery. They are running this lottery since 1952. Many people buy Kerala lottery tickets with confidence. They provide high prizes to make someone’s life charming. The demand for Kerala lottery results is increasing day by day due to clear Kerala lottery results. You can watch Kerala lottery results today live results. Kerala lottery today results live today is presented here. Download the Kerala lottery today result. If you have any trouble finding a Kerala lottery result today, Please contact us.

Keep trying your luck with the Kerala lottery. This is managed by Govt, from fundraising to delivery of the bumper prize. So, it is a great opportunity for all looking safe to get a chance in the sambad lottery. It draws is done daily at 04:00 PM regularly.

kerala lottery result details:

Days Draw Names
Monday Win-Win
Tuesday Dhanasree
Wednesday Akshaya
Thursday Karunya Plus
Friday Bhagyanidhi
Saturday Karunya
Sunday Pournami


Sikkim state lotteries result today.

Sikkim lottery result today. If you are looking to download and view the Sikkim lottery result online, you are in a perfect place. Here you can find authentic and reliable results of Sikkim state lotteries. Download Sikkim, today’s lottery, result in PDF online. Sikkim lottery result daily updated here on this site.

The government of Sikkim manages it. The leading person is The Director, Directorate of State Lotteries Finance, Revenue & Expenditure Department, Government of Sikkim Deorali 737102, Gangtok, Sikkim their contact number is Phone: 03592 280227 and Fax: 03592 280227. You can contact them in case of any claim or issue.

Sikkim state lottery result details:

Sikkim state lottery draw is done a day 11:55 am, 04:00 pm, and 08:00 pm. You can watch the daily result by clicking above mentioned links. DEAR MORNING WEEKLY LOTTERY and DEAR DAY WEEKLY LOTTERY are much popular for Sikkim state lottery.

Dear Lottery Sambad Result:

If you need any more information related to lottery sambad you can write us nu submitting contact us. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Moreover, if you have any objection to results or facing any issue regarding this website, you cal also write to us, your suggestion means a lot for us.

Key points to win the Lottery Sambad Result:

We know that sometimes winning the lottery can be very difficult. However, it may seem simple and easy as you have to buy tickets and win. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Without any experience, hints, and tricks, you will be the winner only if your luck deserves so much.

So here we offer you a gift to visit our website as a bonus. We’re going to give you some guaranteed working tips that will increase your chances of winning. Read these comprehensive and guaranteed tips to improve your winning chance.

1- Study the old lottery results carefully

First of all, you need to understand the Sambad lottery algorithm. You should study the previous lottery results and find out which number is consistently coming in the works. Try to understand the scheme of numbers, as seen in some previous results.

After a thorough study of the previous lottery results, you will find the best number for the settlement, which will increase your winning rate.

2- Never take random numbers

This is the most common mistake most new players make every time. Some players who participate in this lottery take special events as lottery numbers, which is entirely useless.

Some take their birthday, some card numbers, apartment numbers; then others think the next event will be a lottery winning number.

But in reality, all this is nothing but an illusion.

3- Try again and again

In Sambad Lottery, you should know that winning and losing go together. You can’t always be a winner, and you know the truth. So, you can lose the lottery the first time and many times. But never lose hope. Try a new number with best practice.

And it is also possible that you will not win a single lottery after ten attempts, but you cannot give it up out of fear.

You should follow the “try again and again” slogan. You will learn a lesson when you lose the lottery. Use this experience and play again.

You have to be consistent in this lottery, and one day you will win.

4- Don’t be Greedy at First.

This point is worth your while. Because this is the process by which all lottery players are not underestimated. So how will it work? Let us explain:

You don’t have to be greedy first. And be patient and play as much as you can. You have to make a small bet because the smaller the bet, the better the chances of winning.

Let us give you an example.

For example, betting on numbers 1 or 2 is very cheap. If you bet only 1 or 2, you are more likely to win. So, try number 1 or 2 and win the lottery.

We know that the money earned from this process will be minimal, but you can rebuild it for a big bet. And how does this chain system work?

That way, if you lose, you won’t lose money that wasn’t in your pocket. Also, when you invest more, you buy more tickets, which increases your chances of winning.

5- Repeat your number

This point may sound strange, but it works. The fact is straightforward, and you need to buy a ticket with a fixed number. Don’t be confused and we will explain it to you:

So, you have to choose a set of numbers and bet on them. This process will increase your chances of winning. For example,

Make 2 or 3 combinations of numbers 222, 555, 777, etc.

Now keep betting on these numbers with different numbers again and again.

You have to try every possible combination.

This pattern will guarantee an increase in your chances of winning.

6- Look carefully at the Lottery Sambad Result

Now, this is an essential thing. And you have to be aware of that. The point is to always look at the lottery results carefully. It is widespread for people to check Lottery Sambad Result quickly and often remember the winning number.

The big lottery company has stated that its first lottery prize of 2cror was not claimed, and you don’t want to be that person, sure? Of course.

So, always check the lottery related result on our website.

How to verify the live results of the lottery ticket?

Every day in India, a live lottery sambad is organized in Sikkim State, Nagaland State, and West Bengal State. All these states lottery draw results daily.

Players already participating in the daily lottery want to check the lottery result daily. So for your maximum convenience, we are here to present the lottery result directly on our blog.

A lottery sambad is a lottery that always declares its results live and on time. And we present daily live lottery draw results for you at the right time.

Each day of the week, we announce the live lottery result. These are some live Lottery Sambad Result:

  • Lottery Sambad Dhankesari
  • Rajshree Lottery Sambad
  • Lottery Sambad PDF
  • Lottery Sambad DBF
  • JPG Lottery Sambad
  • Dear Flamingo result
  • Dear lottery Sambad

How to claim a lottery number prize?

In this section, we will tell you how you can claim your lottery prize. The process is straightforward, and you can follow our guidelines to get the best experience.

Before claiming the prize, you should read the following points to keep in mind so that you can quickly start the claiming process.

Things to consider

  • Your address, name, and signature are required on the back of the lottery ticket.
  • You must write in bold all the details as claimed.
  • Enter the number of the draw, lottery name, date of the draw, and your address along with the pin code on the form
  • An affidavit from the Notary Public Transfer Commissioner First Class is required.
  • PAN number is required along with a copy of PAN card (Permanent account number)
  • Three recent passport size photographs are also required along with the identity certificate.
  • You must attach a complete copy of the claim form, affidavit, and photographs to the original claim form.
  • Bank details are required, including bank name, branch name, branch code, I.F.SC bank code, and your bank account number.
  • Attach the canceled check to the bank where the winning amount will be deposited
  • Attach the revenue stamp on the form and sign it
  • Write to your contact number.
  • Never claim a tempered/fake ticket that may lead to legal action against you.
  • Broken or damaged ticket claims are not allowed.

These are things to ponder and think about before claiming a lottery prize. Also, the process of claiming your lottery prize is as follows.

Claim Winner Sambad Lottery

  • To claim a lottery prize, you must download a claim form.
  • On the claim form, you must first enter the lottery name, lottery number, and draw date.
  • Now write that you are claiming the ticket number.
  • After this, you have to enter your name and address.
  • Then your father/husband’s name.
  • Prize status
  • Winning the total amount
  • write Money In Words (Rs.)
  • PAN number
  • contact number
  • Bank account number
  • Bank IFSC Code
  • Bank and branch name
  • At the end of the claim form, you should sign it.
  • Now paste a certified photo of your passport size, affidavit, and ticket and post it to claim.

Save money on your lottery ticket with insurance.

We can imagine that when a person makes a lot of money that he cannot even think of in his dreams, he feels pleased and worried. Chances are your winning money is easily stolen or robed as soon as you are newly rich.

To ensure that your winning prize is protected, you must purchase or adopt an insurance policy.

You have some tips for making money. Here are some insurance companies that will keep you calm.

  • Gaming & Lottery Prize Insurance
  • Prize Indemnity Insurance
  • Lottery Insurance Paradox
  • Lottery and Gaming Insurance Solutions
  • Lottery Syndicate Insurance
  • Lottery Nagaland and Sambad Insurance
  • Indian Gaming and Lotto Insurance

You can try any of these to suit the best way to protect the money you receive.

Contact lottery sambad information

If you would like to contact Lottery Sambad, you can find them physically at the address below. 

LS Publications

32, Metcalfe Street

Kolkata 700013

FAQ Lottery Sambad Result:

How to see if you have won the lottery carefully?

Either you have won the lottery or lose to check, you need to visit the official lotto result site. In the case of Lottery Sambad Result, you can see it here.

When are lottery winning numbers are announced?

Once they are publicly announced, we are here to publish all the results. You can check our website from time to time for Lottery Sambad Result winning numbers.

What are the winning lottery numbers?

Dear Sambad Lottery winning numbers have already been published. For today’s results, you can see today’s winning numbers at the top of the page.

What are the lottery numbers for today’s Lottery Sambad Result?

Tonight’s lottery number will be available once it is announced.

How to learn to win lottery sambad?

No need to know about the lottery algorithms. It mostly depends on your luck. If you are lucky, buy a ticket and wait for the Lottery Sambad Results. If you want to know the basics of this lottery, you can visit our website and get all the necessary and detailed information mentioned above.

Where can you check the live Lottery Sambad Result?

There are two ways to check the lottery online, one on our website and the other on the official lottery site.

What is the Lottery Sambad Result of 11:55 am Sikkim State Lottery?

We are trying to present the Lottery Sambad Result of the Sikkim state lottery at 11:55 am regularly. You can see it soon on our site.

What is the result of the Dhaneksari lottery?

This is also the Nagaland lottery, which is similar to sambad. The lottery also comes three times a day.

How to watch Nagaland Lottery live on YouTube?

One way to check live results is the Nagaland YouTube Lottery. You can also learn about lotteries on YouTube and find old products. Some people even predict Lottery Sambad Result on YouTube, even though they are 90% wrong.

We’re glad you visited our site, and we’d love to hear from you. Let’s do this, and the comment box is waiting for you.